Automatic Parameter Change in Automation Lane


I saw a Video on YouTube about Bitwig Studio and I had to trial it because I think it has some awesome unique features. I will create seperate feature requests for each unless there isn’t already one.

Similar to Cubase, Bitwig Studio has Automation Lanes, which can be opened below an Audio or Instrument Track in the sequencer. By default it has the Volume parameter loaded, just like in Cubase. The very cool feature I would love to see in Cubase is…

If you simply click on any parameter of a loaded VSTi Instrument or VST plugin on a track, the default automation lane of the track changes to that exact parameter automatically:

If you what to keep a specific parameter in the lane you can pin it. I think this is super cool and very fast and intuitive. As a lot of third party plugins and instruments don’t have the VST3 Extended Host Callback Interface implemented yet , where you can open up the automation lane via a dropdown menu by right-clicking on a VST parameter - I think this would really help a lot of people fasten up their workflow.

Do demonstrate it better I also uploaded a short video: Bitwig Studio 4 vs Cubase 11 Pro - Automation Lanes - YouTube

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Have a look here, especially the “Reveal Parameter on Write” entry. I don’t know how close it comes to what you envision, but it is there.

Thanks for the answer. I am aware of that setting and trust me, I do look in the manual before I post feature requests :wink: Maybe the video is misleading but it does not really come close.

Because you actually need to write automation data during playback or recording before the automation track gets revleaed by cubase. Often times I want to write ramps etc. with the mouse, not a hardware controller or anything. I need to reveal the automation track by writing data from the plugin itself and then I need to delete the written automation from the track in order to do my automatin with the mouse on a clean track. Not really cool!

In Bitwig you just need to click on a parameter (no need for playback or recording) and you have it activated on the automation track without actually writing data to it. Much cooler!

It would alreay help if you could open the respective automation track additionally when clicking on a parameter when the track is armed for automation writing. Without the need of playback. I know that you can do this via right-click with Cubase internal instruments and effects and some third party tools like Melda Production. But VST2 does not support this and even a lot of VST3 plugins do not implement it for whatever reason.

Yes that’s true.

This would be ideal. :+1:t3:

I’m all for it, I just gave the link just in case.