Automatic partiture analysis

Hi, I am a conductor and often have to arrange compositions to match my orchestra instrumentation and capabilities. Something that would be very useful would therefore be some simple analysis tool that for example would provide the lowest and highest note for each instrument, the bar positions where an instrument restarts to play (important for the conductor to give the musician a clue) as well as eventually basic harmonic analysis and similar.
Technically, this could be achieved through an export to musicxml and then an external tool doing the analysis …
I was wondering if this has already been foreseen and/or or is going to happen or not.

One quick method to get the low and high of any instrument is to select the whole staff (from first bar to last).

Now go to the Piano keyboard in the bottom panel. All the notes used will be shown with a blue dot.

Not effective if you want the range of 40 instruments across many flows, but it’s something.


That is a nifty capability. It took me a while to figure out how to make the keys small enough to see the whole range, but eventually I got there.

Thanks for the tip.

and for the second there is “Suggest Cues”, which will highlight every entrance after a specified period of silence (default is 30 seconds) - and it can even, as you can see in the screenshot, optionally take existing cues and rehersal marks into consideration.


thankyou so much i was not aware of that capability. this software is amazing.

thankyou, i was not aware of this capability.