Automatic position of fermatas in a Grand Staff

Hey there!
Could there be a setting in Engraving Options to position fermatas automatically above and below a Grand Staff, just as seen in the attached image?

Fermatas position.png

This is a good idea, and I will make a note of it.

Thank you, Daniel. 'Tis a good idea indeed.

Following this post request, can you also add support for this automatic positioning of fermatas placed above and below barlines?


Considering Dorico’s genius use of flows, this seems to be a great idea as well.

Not to derail the thread, because satisfactory to good answers seem to have come already, what is the conventional wisdom about placing of dynamics under or between Grand Staff staves: IOW is it thought good practice to change left and right hand piano dynamics independently? I have heard opinions each way. TIA!

Both conventions are followed: if the dynamics are supposed to apply to both hands, then place them between the staves. If you need to designate separate dynamics for each hand, then try placing the dynamics outside the staves.

Any news on auto positioning of fermatas in all staves at the same rhythmic position, without forcing durations?


In Engrave Mode, presumably?

For dynamics between staves, I usually just enter into the top part.
For separate dynamics, you can move the top stave’s dynamic in the properties panel.

Thanks, Steve!

Daniel, how is this handled with organ music?
Top staves: dynamics in between the staves is sufficient (like pianoforte :musical_keyboard:) and pedals need seperate dynamics?

Yes, in organ music dynamics specific to the pedal part normally go below the pedal staff; otherwise it is assumed that the dynamics between the two manuals staves apply to the pedal part.

thank you Daniel

Daniel, just to clarify:
If there is only a dynamic between the staves (as in attached to the top stave) does Dorico use that for playback of both staves (and all three for three-stave organ)?

Yes, at the moment it does indeed do that.

Hey, Daniel!

Just a small question… are any of these asked changes to fermatas going to be part of the next Dorico update? Or have they been added already — and I didn’t notice it…?

Thank you!

As much as I am aware, I don’t think any of the requested changes to fermatas will be part of the next update. Sorry for that.

Oh, well… we will wait for the next ones! :wink: