Automatic Project Activation issue

Often I work with multiple projects open simultaneously. When I close one, Cubase 8 automatically re-activates another project I have open (presumably the last one used) - this is somewhat problematic as complex sessions, especially musical ones with lots of sample heavy VSTi such as Kontakt, PLAY, etc. can take quite a long time to activate - and if that project is NOT the one I want to move on to next, it can be very time consuming and annoying.

Is there an option somewhere I haven’t found that stops Cubase automatically activating another project upon closing the currently active project when multiple projects are open?


As you already found this thread.

Btw: I’m also using Vienna Ensemble Pro. All VSTis are loaded there. I use my template, which is always the same. Then in Cubase, I just switch among a “MIDI files” in Cubase, which is very fast.


I know, work-around… I would prefer an option to enable this function. A software as Cubase 8 Pro… I mean… 2016… do you understand right?


I totally understand.

But, why do you need multiple projects open? Since Cubase 8.5, you can import tracks (and data) from another project, even of the project is not open). Wouldn’t this solve your problem?

Well, in many cases it needs to open more projects…

Any concrete one, please?

eg open more projects to compare them and than close one of them without that the previous one becomes active automatically.

I want to choose which to activate then. Cubase must 1. close the active project and 2. let me choose which one to activate.

Also, if I want to close Cubase without activate any project or neither save, I want be free to do it. Right now, one project become active, maybe it needs 3 minutes to load all the libraries, and then I can close Cubase! Just useless and wasting time!