Automatic Project Activation Problem

Had a nose about but couldn’t work out a way to fix this, can anyone help?

Often I work with multiple projects open simultaneously. When I close one, Nuendo automatically re-activates another project I have open (presumably the last one used) - this is somewhat problematic as complex sessions, especially musical ones with lots of sample heavy VSTi such as Kontakt can take quite a long time to activate - and if that project is NOT the one I want to move on to next, it can be very time consuming and annoying.

Is there an option somewhere I haven’t found that stops Nuendo automatically activating another project upon closing the currently active project when multiple projects are open?

I solve it this way…

Create one more empty project. Activate this empty project. Then you can switch within all projects, you want. Any of these, you are really using, isn’t active. When you switch any of them off, nothing happends. No more loading, because just the empty project is active.

Is this useful solution for you?

Thanks, good work-around, but we hope that a simple option in Nuendo/Cubase’s Preferences is not that big problem for the Steinberg programmers! 2016, is that too much to ask?!