Automatic project sample rate change

Cubasis is changing each project sample rate to 16 kHz whenever I use Bluetooth headphones (Bose QC35). This has not always been like that, if I recall correctly, so it must have changed with a Cubasis update. I activated Bluetooth / Airplay output via Setup > Audio after having connected the headphones to the iPad, other apps like GarageBand work perfectly. Any help is appreciated.

iPad Pro 10,5“ / iOS 12.1.1 / Cubasis 2.7 / Böse Firmware 2.5.3

Hi jpanic,

Thanks for your message.

With the latest update, v 2.7, Cubasis provides and adjusts the project sample rate matching to the device in use.

You did mention that the sample rate switches to 16 kHz in your case.
Please clarify this, since Cubasis allows to switch between 44.1/48/96 kHz (depending on the devices in use).


I have he same effect with QC35 II. Cubasis changes the sample rate to 16k because of the hardware configuration, so says the message, in similar wording. Starting Cubasis empty helps, but that setting unfortunately needs to be changed again every time you start Cubasis. Btw, I have seen Cubasis wreck midi tracks by transposing it about one or two octaves down.

Hi sptma,

Please find our dedicated article about the sample rate change right here.

Please provide us with a detailed bug report to reproduce the MIDI octave issue you’ve experienced.
If you have a short video or project which is helpful to reproduce the use, please share the download link with us via private message.


Hi Lars,

I cannot be more precise than I already was. I receive a message “The project’s sample rate was changed to 16kHz” whenever opening a Cubasis file with my QC35 wirelessly connected to my iPad Pro. I have a screenshot showing this, but this adds no additional input. The hardware cannot be the problem, as mentioned in your post above, so this is a software issue from my point of view.

How can I solve this?


Hi jpanic,

Can you send us your screenshot ?

You mean the QuietComfort 35 Wireless headphones II ?

best Jan

Hi Jan,

no, sorry, not the second generation (“II”), but the first generation are the headphones I mean.

See attached file.


Hi Jpanic,

Thanks for the screenshot and your information !

It’s on our list CB-4612 > Cubasis 2.8