Automatic Renumbering audio parts for Project Cleanup


I suppose all of us do clean up our projects at some points during or at the end of arranging a piece of music, specially when we want to deliver our project to another person.

  1. In Media Pool, I 'Remove unused Media".
  2. Double click on the track name and shift enter to match name of all parts to the track name.

3. Currently we can change names of each parts on each track as appear from left to right from Project Pool and also left item (‘Name’) on top toolbar. Singer01, Singer02, … it woulbe great to be able to have Cubase doing this automatically.

  • FR 1: by Ctrl+Shift entering on the name in Step 2.
  • FR 2: having an option to remove unused media and renumbering from one, the events from left to right.

Would the Preference setting help?

It can automatically change the the event name to the track name.

This is exactly what I’ve shown in the image and also stated in part 3.

Could the PLE be used for this?

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You solution appends a number to the end. After appending one most removing the number before that appended one.

Your soluion would be useful, if we could remove the number portion as pre-command, and then doing this.

Thank you for the insight @Johnny_Moneto

Unfortunately, this doesn’t work either. I suppose you meant this one.

This is not automatic as the user need to edit one by one! One can do it in the toolbal using a simple command line.

Dorico developers can easily do this :slight_smile: This is a Pythonic code for achiving what I want.

For FR 1

import keyboard
keyboard.add_hotkey('ctrl+shift+Enter', automatic_rename_single_track)
def automatic_rename_single_track(givenTrack = T):
            event_names = [ for event in ]
            for i, en in enumerate(
        =[:-2] + '{:02d}'.format(i+1)

For FR2:

# Assuming our so-called Renumber After Remove Unused Media In Pool
def RenameAfterRemoveUnusedMediaInPool(givenProject= P)
        for T in P.T:
                event_names = [ for event in ]
                for i, en in enumerate(
            =[:-2] + '{:02d}'.format(i+1)