Automatic restating of accidental in tie chain after system break

Is there a setting for restating tied accidentals after page/system break?


I don’t believe so, no.

I’m trying to think of any engraving or notation options that are related to page breaks or frame breaks, but none come to mind.

This is something that cannot be done yet (since Dorico sees tied notes as a single note…) I wish there were an option in the properties panel.

You can resolve this from the properties panel as long as you’re in Engrave mode, I believe. Just select the relevant notehead and activate the Accidental toggle, then set to Show.

Yes, it can be done manually. It needs some tweaking of the tie though.

This is definitely something that would be very welcome.

Thanks, Leo and LAE, I’ll investigate this then :wink:

It’s on the backlog. It’s complicated because at the moment accidental calculation is carried out purely before casting off is performed, and in order to show the accidental at the start of the system Dorico has to know about the casting off.