Automatic Scales don't understand minor keys


  1. Create chord track
  2. Make sure “Automatic Scales” is ON
  3. make a simple Im-V-Im progression, for example Am-E-Am
  4. The scale should show as A harmonic minor in this example, instead it shows as C# aeolian (nat. minor). This seems consistent. For example Bm-Gb-Bm gives D# Aeolian. In major keys this seems to work as expected.

Solution: Turn off automatic scales a look for competing product instead.
Screenshot 2020-11-12 142650.jpg

I find Automatic Scales pretty useless. Even in a major scale if you use any kind of chord substitution it will stick in scale changes because of it. I have it off on my Templates and just manually set the Scale so I get what I want. And now with C11 we can create our own scales.