Automatic select wrong track

I have a template with about 75 tracks. When i add a new instrument track it just randomley jumps to another track. So the track i just added cant actually be used because it just jumps to another one when i click it. This happens sometimes with several tracks, it could even jump between 3 different tracks and i cant do anything to stop it. Any tips on how to solve this?

Hello, any midi remote involved?

No, nothing that im aware of. I made a video about the issue, maybe it helps ?


Could you try to Disable Preferences from the Cubase Safe Start Dialog, please?

The issue is still there after i disable preferences. Its not consistent either, It just jumps randomley to a different track each time a start the project


Is any Remote Device involved by any chance?

UPDATE: If i hold Control down when i select the track it works. I dont know why, but it seems that is the only way to select it.
only use a Impact LX 88, i tried to disconnect it and i also reinstalled the latest driver, but it didnt solve the problem im afraid

I don’t know if I’m seeing right, but it seems that right after a track is selected, the vertical “bar” that marks a channel bank is briefly displayed on the left of the track, and then it goes away, and lands onto another track that is selected then.

It must be some kind of MIDI loopback or generic remote or other remote device. (Or the evil eye)

Yes, you are correct. Its visible for just a millisecond before it jumps to the wrong track. Its also strange that this just happends to some of my projects. This particular one is my orchestral template som it is a bit huge, but it could happend to any project at any time. But i works if i press Control, but its annoying