Automatic Stop Play when Exceeding the 0 dB or any level


There are times I am mixing a song with many tracks and that “Above 0 dB” RED alert on the Stereo Ouput track appears at a particular bar number or time position but miss each time to stop PLAY in order for me to navigate each track to see which track causes the Exceed of 0 dB on the Stereo Output.

This takes up time I could be using for something else as I have no choice but to wait for the almost 50% to 100% of length of the song while watching for RED ALERT to stop PLAY myself.


Create a button one can click on to automatically stop play at the point the RED ALERT appears on the Stereo Output track.

Additional Feature if possible: Steinberg may add an option of maximum dB’s where PLAY would automatically stop at the time, the RED ALERT appears on Stereo Output.

South Africa

i have read some Feature Request which sugests a peak History! might be worth you checking

Thank you very much for responding. I will search for them.

That would do as well.

Turn every channel down . If you are seeing red lights at the master your gain structure is flawed. Don’t waste time trying to figure out the one peak, just turn everything down by 6 dB.