Automatic system break considering double bar lines

I wonder if it would be possible to have Dorico insert an automatic system break in situations like this:
Skærmbillede 2019-05-09 11.27.33.png

At the moment Dorico doesn’t consider any structural items like bar rests, multi-bar rests, double barlines, tempos, or rehearsal marks when casting off, but this is certainly something we intend to add in the future.

Hopefully an option to break at double bars. There are plenty of occasions when one would not want a break.

Of course it would be optional.

One more thing to be looking forward to!
Thanks a lot.

I’m a recent convert to Dorico (from Sibelius for… man must be almost 15 years now), and this is a feature I am also interested in. I want to trust the Dorico algorithm for casting off parts, and I’m trying, but I am just so used to going through my parts in sibelius and putting in system breaks at double bars/rehearsal marks that looking at a new Dorico part hurts my brain a bit. I know breaking at a rehearsal mark is not always ideal, but for my application (5 horn pop/funk charts, mostly for singers and geared towards sight reading) it is a system that aids in more efficient rehearsing.

Perhaps on top of adding an option to automatically break at double bars, it might be worth looking into building a “preference” for breaking at double bars (with extra emphasis on double bars with rehearsal letters) to kind of beef up the Algorithm… I have a feeling that is a MUCH bigger ask with a lot more work behind it, but I believe that if Dorico added double bars into it’s algorithmic considerations for casting off it would make for much cleaner/easier to rehearse parts and a much faster workflow (especially considering how the “insert system break” does not automatically recast everything after it the way Sibelius currently does).

Take this all with a big grain of salt, I’ve had Dorico for about a week now and am slowly learning my way around it/my own personal workflow… but much how my switch from PC to Mac 20 years ago was all about just trusting the system letting go of my micromanaging of it, I’m hoping Dorico will be a similar change that will free up my mind and time.

I would also be highly interested in this feature! Depending on the musical context, an option to have an automatic system break at double barlines would be really helpful.

+1 for a system break at double barline preference.

Another vote for this! Extremely useful when arranging pop songs.

I would like to note that it’s one click! :roll_eyes: