automatic talkback does not work

we do OVs for tv-documentaries and need to setup automatic talkback for the first time in our next ( 3rd) studio, softwarebased with nuendo. manual says not a lot. i setup a talkbackchannel in the controlromm,set up " playback and record" in preferences,.... does not work. im not in the studio right now.
just had the idea: do i have to setup a cue channel ( which we usually don"t use) to make it work?
how do you guys make it work?
any help appreciatet,…frank

Yes, of course you need to set up cue channels.
To where you would route your Talkback channel without Cue sends?


fredo,thanks for your fast reply.
yes, i didnt think it over in the first could nuendo influence the talkback before its running through, of course. so far ,so good. but im still missing something. sorry for stupid questions, im a 14 years-professional user of nuendo, but never worked with this controlroom- cue-thing, until now we did everything on hardware. i setup a cue channel routed to a RME DIGIFACE analog output. i assume, that i have to route the talkback channel to the cue i created, right? 2.but im not offered this output to choose,
3. nor i do find a way to setup cue levels…if i open up the controlroom mixer all i get is this one narrow window, but no mixer.
thanks for your help and time, really cofused here

Hi, create a cue send in Nuendo,
make sure the talback icon on that cue send is engaged,
route its output to a stereo pair of your available Digiface busses in the Nuendo studio connections window (control room tab),
open Totalmix (The RME mixer), make sure you’re in “submix mode” in Totalmix (little icon in the upper right),
select your analog headphones output pair in the lower row of Totalmix,
now you just have to raise the fader of your stereo output buss (middle row of totalmix) so that it’s routed to your Digiface headphone output.


No-no-no … You shouldn’t have to touch Totalmix at all.
That’s a remedy for disaster.

All routing and aassigning to in/outs needs to be done in “Audio Connections” / Control Room.


Hi Fredo, he wants to use the headphone output of a Digiface, the only way I know of to route some signal to there is via Totalmix, it’s an output that is not available in the ASIO driver !

oh … OK . My bad.