Automatic track magnifying in Play mode


Something I miss is a quick way to make the track editing area larger, in Play mode. A solution I’m thinking of is a quick magnifying command, that could work this way:

  1. Select a note in a track. A note selected in a Write window will also be selected in Play mode.

  2. Choose the Auto Zoom (Z) command. The editing area containing the selected note will be automatically zoomed to max, vertically. Any other open track will remain open, but minimized, so that you can still see the content.

  3. After editing, choose Auto Zoom again to restore normal view. If you have selected a note in another track, the formerly magnified track will return to normal, and the one containing the selected note will be magnified.


There are already key commands for making tracks taller/shorter, do these help at all?

I kind of like this idea.

Thank you for your answer, Lillie. While it is a nice feature to have, it is not as immediate as the immediate full zoom I would like. If I understand correctly, the commands you refer to only increase or decrease the height of a track by a single zoom step. A single command to make a track expand to the maximum possible height at once would be much quicker.


If I may add something to my request:

  1. When a track is automatically magnified, all the technique/dynamic/etc. lanes are automatically opened.

  2. When a track is restored to the original size, the status of its lanes is also restored to the previous situation.