Automatic track name acquire from VST instrument

For example you have a Kontakt with,

1ch Strings Pizz
2ch Clarinet
3ch Guitar sus

usage #1 pressing a button on the Kontakt instrument renames your midi tracks according to patch names, so your midi tracks for that instrument are renamed to Strings Pizz, Clarinet, Guit sus respectively.

usage #2 pressing a button next to track name, renames only that track retrieved from the VSTi. For example, a midi track with ch.2 going to this Kontakt instrument, is renamed “Clarinet”.

This feature could be beneficial for people lazy to rename tracks and ends up with a mess while working.

  • 100 for Usage "2 !!!

I’m lazy too…well…no, I’m a busy person, no time for loosing time !

Probably with Logical Editor and macro…