Automatic tune sensing when importing samples.


I’m new here and maybe this has been brought up before.
But is there a possibility to import a sample where Halion 6 are able to sense what tune the sample has and then automatically place the sample at the right root key?


When you import samples Halion should ask how to map them. Samples can have root key, tune, low key, high key and velocity range embedded in the header, in which case you can choose “From Sample File”. Halion can read that information and map the samples according to your settings of Import Samples Dialogue.

If there’s no information in the Sample header, very often the sample file name contains at least a root key. You can choose root key- from sample name, range- root key fil center.

Experiment with the import samples settings.

Yeah, I have seen those settings.
But the samples I want to import are sadly samples from Fairlight CMI III with no tuning information embedded or written.

You are right, i think Halion 6 has no Tune Sensing from reading the Samples apart. It does a TEXT search.
Though i like Halion 6 a lot, i was missing it badly on some conversions of Halion 3 presets.
Some of them Halion 3 presets did not import very well, so i tried this manually.
A sample reading sensing tool for importing samples in Halion 6 would be greatly!
Or did i miss something ?

Strange is that the new C9 Pro One Drop Sampler does this job straight out of the box, so that one is sample reading and placing it on the correct key.
Did i miss something in Halion 6 ??

Before importing them, you can set the root note using Halion, just drag and drop samples into HALion, use the edit window to set the root note, re-save them and tick “Root Note” to be embedded in the resulting file.

That is only in the Text etc.
What he means is the Sample is reconized by reading the sample and find the tune Note and set automatically on the correct Note.

I understood what he meant, embedding the root note in the sample (not text) is still an option/workaround, of course you have to manually set the root note in each sample and re-save it but then, when you import it into HALion or e.g. Padshop Pro, the root note will automatically be detected, the text in the sample has nothing to do with that.

Ok Allright, as i understand the C9 Pro Sampler does reconize tuning automaticly…
We are only hoping some kind of feature will follow for Halion 6.