Automatic Vertical Staff Spacing

In Engrave>Staff Spacing, when staffs are clustered at the top of an A4 part, does anyone know if it’s possible to select all the staves on that page and have them space themselves out evenly using the available height of the page?

Otherwise one has to click and drag them to re-space by eye.

Vertical justification?


The golden rule of Dorico is: before you attempt making large or multiple manual adjustments, make sure there isn’t a global way to fix it first. Engrave mode is generally for making small fine-tuning, not for major changes.

As Lillie points out: altering the Vertical Justification Percentage settings should fix it: reduce the value of the first one, “Distance between staves and Systems” to less than the % of the page that your staves fill. Leave the second “Distance only between staves” at a high value, typically 80, 90 or 100%.

NEVER DO THIS!!! (there is almost always a better way)

(Dang… gazumped by @benwiggy )

Here’s a nice tutorial about Vertical Spacin written by @benwiggy. Hope it helps.

A Handy Guide by Ben Byram-Wigffiield (652.1 KB)

Thanks for the link Lillie.

That’s good discipline benwiggy and Janus. Thank you.

Thanks for the PDF NorFonts.