Automatic VST recognition on ALL drives

As plugins are getting larger and larger, I have added additional storage for some of my VST instruments on new SSD drives.
Today, if you ask C10 to scan for VST instruments, it only looks in one place (not where you usually have the most space.

Cubase should at least give an option to automatically search all drives for VST instruments.

In the meantime I am trying to find my way in Cubase 10 to indicate where the folders are.
I couldn’t find any information regarding this in the manual.

Probably the single biggest mistake in the original VST specification was that it did not force you to put your plugins in a standard location. This has led to many logistical nightmares. AU and VST3 have attempted to remedy this oversight. In other words, the trend is towards the opposite of what you are asking for :slight_smile:.

Plugins are relatively small. It’s the data files that accompany them that can be large, but those can be stored on a separate drive in almost all cases.

This is a BAD idea - I have old versions of plugins and OS backups on various drives, if this setting was turned on and I didn’t realise, then I load up C10 with one of those drives plugged in - it could seriously screw up my Cubase installation requiring days of work figuring out why when I load a project the wrong VST locations are being used, presets aren’t being loaded properly, authorisation issues etc…

FYI, adding VST2 plugin locations is done in the plugin manager. I’m not surprised you couldn’t find it, it’s hidden in an odd place.

At the bottom left there is an ‘i’ and a settings cog, click on the settings cog, then click on the ‘+’ sign on the top left of that same lower box with the vst paths. Bear in mind as GlennO said, VST3 plugins can only go in one specified location and that can’t be changed.