Automatic "warning" of playing techniques

It would be nice if certain playing techniques (Such as con sord, in particular, but also stuff like pizz/arco, sul pont…) could generate an automatic “warning” if there is some period of rest from the end of the previous technique.

E.g. you would notate the con sord on the first muted notes, but if preceeded by at least, say, 1 bar of rests it would automatically generate a (con sord.) after the last note of the previous passage.


Yes, that would be a nice feature and perhaps it is something we will be able to implement in a future version.

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This feature would also be great for restating dynamics after a period of rest.

Yes, that would be quite useful

How do you do it now, just manually put one in there, with parenthesis? I think that would necessatate creating a new playing technique.

I wonder though is this really necessary? If the player has a rest they’ve got nothing better to do than to prepare for the next passage, so why do they need the big warning? I’m not a string player, maybe this is usual in that world.

This kind of warning is probably most often useful in commercial music and music for recording sessions where there is little or no rehearsal. In published music, such warnings are more sparingly used, usually at the decision of a music editor. I myself would not like to see this feature automated to avoid too many unneeded markings.

Consider pizz (or whatever) passages that have a page turn in the middle (probably during a rest). No problem in performance, but if in rehearsal the conductor decides to go from somewhere following the page turn…