automatic way to add percussion instrument name?

I would like to add the percussion instrument short name in the second system of the percussion part, is there a way to do it automatically (like a token)? Or do I have to manually enter it in a text box?

My part layout combines Perc 1,2,3. I have hidden the staves for when they are not in use. So now, the first system has each instrument labeled nicely. But the second system is a single line (because the other 2 staves are empty, therefore hidden.) The second system begins with the percussion 2 snare drum, so I need to label it, otherwise, you can’t tell what instrument that is. This happens frequently throughout the score.

So, is there a quick way to do this, or must I manually enter the name in a text box each time?

Thank you!

If you’re using three separate staves, i.e. you’re using the ‘Single-line instruments’ presentation type on the Players page of Layout Options, then you should be able to set staff labels to show for subsequent systems in order to make the appropriate label appear. Another option is to create a system break at the start of that system and then set the ‘Staff labels’ property as appropriate with the break signpost selected. Yet a further option, depending on the presentation type you’re using, is to create a percussion legend at the start of the system, showing the sounding instruments at that point.

Thank you!