Automatic window resizing

Hi all,

When I have the project window open in full-screen, it invariably gets shrunk to an unworkable size if I open (for example) F11-The VSTi window.

Is there a way to stop the main project window from resizing if another window is opened?


This is the famous ‘windows resize bug’ which Steiny just can’t be bothered to get off it’s Jabba-the-hut sized arse to sort out.

The solution is to set all the panels like the instrument panel to ‘always on top’ by right clicking at the top of the panels. Do this for every panel you can. You can then leave the main project maximised.

Lazy lazy Steiny… if Steiny were a cartoon character it would be sitting in a nuclear power plant eating donuts right now…

Thanks for the tip! I’ll have a look when in my DAW. thing is, cubase has done this for years!.. since before ‘Cubase VST’ days! Surely there can’t be the same codebase lurking in ‘6’ that existed back then?!!

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:bulb: chrisyking is banned out of our forum

Harsh IMO. He did provide a workaround for my problem.

That is over the top banning him. He helped the OP AND he does have a point.

Outrageous behaviour from vendor towards customer!

Did I miss something…is there a deleted post or has the moderator banned him just for having a bit of a moan.

That would be very sad & pathetically over-sensitive on their part.

Getting back on topic, I’ve noticed this only works for that particular session. If I shut down my DAW and come back to my song the next day, it appears I have to do the ‘Always on Top’ thing again. Is this right? Is there a way it can be set up to remember this every time I load the program?

It should remember your always on top settings…are you sure it’s not happening now because you’re opening windows with no always on top option?

The official Steiney line is to point you to the “work spaces” which do work.

As for banning someone for pointing out what many feel(all be it with little poetry)…I am disturbed to see a rule designed to keep out real trouble makers used on someone who has paid for a product and contributed positively to the product’s forum. Take him aside and give him a warning (or perhaps warn everybody for future reference). The mod didn’t even address the issue- just posted up a quote and threw him out… that’s just bullying.

Well, I re-did all the windows with ‘always on top’, then saved the project. Restarted my machine and it had indeed remembered the settings. Cubase probably crashed the last time I did it, so didn’t remember the setting.

Thanks Trevor, I’ll look into this if I have further issues.

So it is !
I’m completely shocked about this behaviour. I would call it arrogant and contraproductive.
I don’t think, Mr. Marcus, Site Admin, this was a good idea. To ban is not DEMOCRATIC. It is more like anxiously…

Hi @ all,

thank you for your opinions.

This decision was made from several Admins. He tried to undermine, he tried to pit some admins against some other admins. He was disrespectful against 4 Admins! In this case, we don’t give any warnings.
So we made here the decision to ban him from our forum.

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