Automatic Zone Highlighting

When there are several Cubase Zones displayed, please make the selection of the highlighted zone automatically change following the mouse’s cursor location.

I don’t use the mouse all the time- I want to have both hands on the keyboard- will I have to remember which mouse hover pref I have set, and then switch it to get at the function I want?

In my own opinion, there are enough challenges in regard to keyboard focus, this would add another layer to the convolution. :slight_smile:

No, you won’t. An entry in the preferences, set and forget. Besides the fact that the mouse movement will or not move the visual highlighting of the zone’s frame, the default can be the current setting so you won’t even have to touch it. Actually, this option already exists, and you didn’t select it, so you’re all good… and I can be all good too. It doesn’t and I am not but you get my point.

I get your point :wink: :laughing:

My reason for posting is that if there’s a pref, people will use it, and if they find it useful, they’ll incorporate it into their workflow. Then, they will forget which way they have it set, and something unexpected will happen. The next day they will not understand what happened, and the following year, when they reflect upon having been not even nominated for a Grammy, they’ll totally understand it’s because of stupid Cubase.

Anyway, maybe a ton of people would like this! Just not me. The addition of new prefs should be made very conservatively, which is what i think they try to do.


I’m sick of going to mute a MIDI note in the lower zone, only to realise I’ve forgotten to click-to-highlight the bloody thing first!

The fact that this isn’t default behaviour seems dumb to me - if I’ve got my mouse pointer in a particular zone, then it’s probably pretty safe to assume that I want to actually do something in that zone, as opposed to hitting a key command and having it change the cursor behaviour in a completely different part of the screen.


This shouldn’t be a request in Cubase 2019, it should have been long realized. I have been using FL Studio for long enough before switching to Cubase. FL is very disorganized with multiple windows. But you don’t need to highlight each window or zone to work on it. If your mouse points in Piano Roll, you just work it, then go straight to playlist and work, then on mixer or channel rack as well, without having to highlight those areas.
In fact, Cubase should automatically detect and highlight the zone im working on.


Please, Steinberg consider this in a future update of Cubase.

This problem is unbelievably annoying.