Automatic Zone Selection

see this thread:

I do a lot of midi editing in the lower zone whilst also moving, cutting and copying midi parts in the project window.

It’s a big workflow stopper that although the cursor changes when you hover over a zone which is not selected, changing the tool via shortcuts is changing the cursor of the selected zone, which is not visible anymore since the cursor is hovering over the other zone. This leads to confusing stuff explained in the thread above.

I really hope we can get an option which enables/disables automatic zone selection when hovering the cursor in project windows and lower zone.



Personally, I would like to see this done as: have the “link project and lower zone editor cursors” or whatever it’s called (that makes the project and the editor scrolling together) to be expanded into a general “Link” function.

Link tools! For project and editor. Want it? Checkmark.
Link quantize! Not the editor link quantize, link the project window quantize to the lower editor.
Link snap on/off! I know I can use Ctrl, but that’s beside the point.

Both toolbars, project and editor, contain more or less the same tools. Why not consolidate them? It’s not like you can work in both places at the same time. :wink:


+1, absolutely