Automatically add Mixer Outs

To avoid this below

and also make life easier: what if when adding any Audio Output at
Devices / Connections… / Audio
would automatically added to Mixer View as OUT also and assigned automatically OUTs to OUTs in order (I mean as audio MAIN → assigned automatically to Stereo Out, and so on…). For sure user can click to change the automatically assigned route from MixerChannel dropdown later if needed.

Maybe it’s again some other concept, but I had this idea to share with you.

p.s.: of course then there will be the question what to do at any Connections…/ Audio / OUT deletion in MixerView: Whether to

  • fallback to or
  • delete MixerOut with prompt if output is used by any channel
    … booth can work, but maybe the first opcion (fallback) is less drastical
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