Automatically apply "end voice"

Is there a way to automatically apply “end voice” to the last appearance of a voice prior to a new “start voice”? I run into this a lot. I’ll be primarily using a slash voice, but every now and then want to use a normal upstem voice. When this upstem voice appears mid bar, I generally set it to “start voice” so the bar isn’t filled with unnecessary rests. Problem is, the “start voice” is not accepted unless I search the music for the last appearance of that voice and mark it “end voice”. In a large score this can become really tedious. It would be nice if “start voice” would do this automatically, find the last occurence and mark it as “end voice”.


No, there’s no way to do this automatically. Perhaps what we really need for these kinds of special situations is a way to tell Dorico that a given voice shouldn’t be padded with rests at all. This would be a bad thing in general, but it would be useful in these kinds of situations.

Even just having a command like “find prior occurence of this voice” would be helpful. I don’t mind having to manually set “end voice”, it’s finding the last note of the prior occurence that takes time.

Does hitting the left arrow when you have the first note after the restart not navigate back to the previous note in that voice? I guess it may not if it’s a long way away.

well I’ll be damned. It does. I withdraw my complaint :slight_smile:

The Remove Rests command works by setting Starts/Ends voice properties as required for you.