Automatically blacklisted plug-ins

Hi guys,

All of a sudden some of my plugins are getting blacklisted automatically (Waves stuff). I’m on Cubase LE AI Elements 9. I’ve tried removing the blacklist but the plug-ins just get added to the blacklist again on starting Cubase. If I try to reactivate the plug-in in the Plugin Manager, I get an error message saying “Reactivation failed”. If anyone can help me it’d be greatly appreciated.



What changed on the system?

Make sure you are using 64-bit plug-ins, please. Also make sure you have the latest update installed.


Thanks for the reply. I’m pretty sure nothing has changed. In response to this happening, I updated my Cubase through the eLicenser Maintenance button. I am also using the 64-bit plug-ins. Would you know what I can do to reactivate these plug-ins?

Thank you!

Any (silent) Windows update? It could change a permission of some folders. Maybe any folder with a plug-in is affected.

I would try to reinstall plug-ins.

Thanks a ton, the “Repair” function inside Waves did the trick.

Hi, have one of you guys resolve that? im about to kill myself… im spending hours on hours to resolve the problem but nothing…