Automatically display selected parameters on automation lane pre-record

So having been working back and forth between Ableton Live and Cubase 11 lately, there’s one behaviour in Ableton that is really convenient and just makes sense. Whenever you select any parameter ( reverb send level, plugin parameter, EQ gain point - anything) that parameter is automatically displayed on the in-focus automation lane for the track. This is immediate, and its really useful if, like me, you like to draw in different parameters. Click on anything, and there is the lane to draw away.

Cubase’s approach here is really clunky. The quickest way is to set the track to write, move your parameter so it registers a breakpoint, then undo so you get rid of the move you just made, but its stays in focus. Or search for it in the usual fashion in the list. Perhaps you can write a macro for the former but it seems silly for a such a basic function. When you do this a lot, it’s really unnecessarily time-consuming.

Surely when we click on a parameter we can have that parameter show automatically on track?



I agree, that is much quicker . One other thing I like in Live is when you drag a node to left or right you can pass over other nodes hence delete them and create a 2 node automation easily.
In Cubase the selected node gets stuck at the next one. Can not drag further unless you delete them first.


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Keeping this alive. Would be a nice feature to add this method. Huge time saver when editing fxs. I like the Nuendo’s preview automation that would be enough to add imo.

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Oh yes please make this happen!

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