Automatically generate band parts from flute?

I would like to take a flute part in a Concert Band score and have it automatically duplicate in all of the other parts in a range that I specify. Is this possible to automate?

Sure, that’s the cues feature: here’s a video tutorial, and here is a good starting point in the documentation.

Lovely, thanks!

After watching, It seems I am looking for something slightly different. Instead of referencing the flute part, is it possible to copy it to every other voice in the score in one action?

Yes! “Duplicate to staff below.” It’s not a single keystroke, but it’s to fast to send to all staves in just a few commands. You can assign it to a key command, like Ctrl-Alt-M. I use this function constantly…

I use it in conjunction with Alt-M, which is natively assigned to move to staff below.

Here’s an example of that duplicate command in action. You can’t see the keystrokes, but I’m using Ctrl-Alt-M (set to Duplicate Below).

Brilliant thanks!