Automatically Glue same events back together?

Before comping you highlight all the takes and then make cuts (let’s say between different words or phrases) and then select the best events - but often once comped many of the remaining events are actually from the same take but they have cuts now - when dealing with long takes it can be a pain to glue these cuts between the same events because if you don’t first, any crossfades will also occur between the same events where no fade is necessary!

Is there a way to create a command that automatically glues the same events back together? As an exp. please look at the image - many cuts are between different events but not the very first event (Take 12 Harmony L06) which has a cut - cross fading there is not necessary - and manually re-gluing a lot of audio takes time - looking for a quick logical editor command that re-glues highlighted audio events that are the same. Any Ideas? I am still new to the Logical Editor!

Thanks for taking the time to read this! :raised_hands:

It’s not clear from your description exactly what events you want to glue together (or why). If it’s the Events that did not get included in the Comp, there’s no reason to glue them back together. If you are cutting across all the Lanes then none of the Events should overlap so Crossfades wouldn’t be involved. Besides if they are not in the Comp then they wouldn’t get played anyway.

Why do you want to glue the Events back together? What do you expect to gain by doing that?

If your goal is to maintain a pristine copy of the Audio without any cuts, you could create a new Track Version and edit that. Or alternatively duplicate the Track and edit one.

I’ve comped a kajillion vocals & guitar parts and never had a reason to reglue the cuts, so I wonder if you might be creating unnecessary work for yourself

Hi! I realize it might sound a bit confusing. Let me try again:

Please see the attached picture from my initial post - for the sake of this discussion let’s say I want crossfades at the cuts but *Only at the cuts between two different events! Not the same event! How can I create a command to achieve this? Cubase will put a crossfade at cuts in an event even when it does not need to be there because, well, it is the same event and does not need to be faded in any way - this starts to be a pain when comping long takes with LOTS of cuts. Was thinking of using the Logical Editor to create such a command tho I do not know where to start! Thanks for your help!

OK, I think there is some jargon clarification needed. By “same” Event do you mean where you had one longer Audio Event which was Split into 2 sections but nothing else changed? If so then each of those new sections is its own Audio Event. An Audio Event is like a window into an Audio File. If that’s not what you mean please clarify.

Anyway if you take an Audio Event and Split it into 2 Events those Events will be butted up against each other but will not overlap (unless you move them). Since they don’t overlap no Crossfade can occur.

If you haven’t slip adjust any of the events and they are still butted up to each other and sample accurate… Gluing them back together will restore them as if no break had occurred.

If there are some changes, when you use Glue, they will then turn into a Part.

there is a close gaps command that isn’t cross fade if I remember right. you might be able to do that for the bottom event, and then glue.