Automatically Reset CD Markers?

I frequently make quick CDs in WL of songs I’m working on. The song lengths frequently change as the composition changes.

But WL creates the markers automatically when the song is first added to the CD list.

So I work on the song and the song lengthens and I create a new CD the next day. But the song on the new CD will be cut off because it contains the markers from the first day.

Get it?

So… Is there an option to have the quick CD automatically re-create the markers every time I burn a new CD?



Working with Elements or with WL pro ?

and I don’t really get how WL will do/make automatically reset CD markers
or do you mean in Basic Audio CD, the fast way drag and drop
audio files to new CD maybe !?

regards S-EH

WL ‘Pro’. not ‘Lite’.

And sorry… I mean ‘Basic Audio CD’. my email machine is separate from the DAW in the studio.

What I want, basically is:

I have a Basic CD list of tracks I’m composing. This does NOT change for months at a time. However, the component tracks DO change as I write. So I burn new CDs almost every day with those constantly changing tracks.

Every time I burn a new CD using that Basic CD list, I want some way for WL to automatically erase and re-generate the CD Markers for each track BEFORE the CD burns.

(Some day, I hope to have a car that can get WAV files via bluetooth from my studio and screw CDs. :smiley: )

In the meantime… Can do?


‘Basic Audio CD’ is called basic for a reason. But yes, with WL Pro it is ‘can do’, if you just create a montage for that slowly changing CD. The one track you want to change can simply be replaced by its newer version, and CD Track markers can shift as needed (or otherwise can easily be recreated). I don’t know whether it can be done within the Basic Audio CD, since I haven’t used that since WL4.

But if I use a Montage, I would still have to edit it (change the Marker Positions) every time I burn a new CD.

I want to avoid having to do -anything- if possible, other than hit the little flaming CD button.


Do you care about anything other than the audio? If all you care about is the audio, there may be a simpler app for you to use like Toast for Mac, or you can burn right from the Mac Finder. Perhaps there are some Windows equivalents if that’s what you’re using.

You’re probably right.

I -try- to use WL for as many tasks as possible. If for no other reason than I get overloaded with ‘apps’ and ‘procedures’. The older I get the less I want to futz with stuff—I have enough trouble just keeping focused on composing NOTES.

PG: If you read this, PLEASE consider this a small request. I would use this feature EVERY day.



maybe “Refresh CD Track length” as a new option !?

In the meantime try replace new CD track(s) with new
Basic Audio CD or Montage with drag and drop wav !?

regards S-EH

Justin, I had no idea programs did this, but after what you said, I tried it with iTunes, and it automatically adjusts in existing playlists when files are saved with new lengths.

I’m not at the studio PC now, but it really should only be two actions: 1. Replace audio (or file) for the track you changed (maybe resize the clip for longer audio), then 2. Run the CD Wizard and burn. Ofcourse, if you never used the montage, it will involve more steps to get familiar with…