Automatically resize midi regions to data?


I’ve been dealing with this issue for a while now but I’m wondering if there is a better way. I often find myself recording new midi in the key editor, be it midi CC data or actual notes. This works great, except it seems that if you record outside the region, cubase will not playback this information unless you extend the region. I’ve been accomplishing this by dragging the region handle in the key editor left or right, but this is getting a big old.

Is there a way to have Cubase automatically resize the midi region to included new recorded data? If its not a setting, could it be possible to create a logic editor macro to accomplish this?

I think I posted about this back in the C6 days. If you’re using retrospective record, then no the regions don’t extend. If you’re actually recording, then they do. It would be nice for the regions to automatically extend with retrospective record like Logic does.

Ahh - thats my issue - retrospective record! It also seems to happen with copy / pasting parts as well. I guess there is no solution?