Automatically restore all windows when reopening project?

Is there an option to automatically restore all previously opened windows (e.g. Mixer), window positions and window sizes when reopening a project?

Currently I have to manually reopen e.g. the Mixer etc. when I reopen a project which is cumbersome.

Dorico should be doing this already. Is it only the Mixer that is not reopened, or are your other project window(s) and tabs also not being restored?

I had the following windows opened on a second monitor when closing Dorico:

• An additional view of my score

• Mixer window

• Transport window

Only the additional view window was restored when restarting Dorico with the same project. I suppose the coordinates of opened windows are stored in the project file?

Windows 7 x64 SP1

The transport window does not reappear on my second monitor next time I open the project.