Automatically revoice shared stem percussion notes with different articulations?

I noticed that when writing on a 5-line percussion staff, articulations such as staccato and tenuto must be applied to all notes on the stem, or none of them. If you want different articulations, you must first move the differently-articulated notes to an extra percussion voice. (There’s no such restriction for playing techniques.)

If you attempt to apply staccato to only one note of many that share a stem, for example by switching to an individual-line part, the operation will quietly fail. Could it be possible to allow the operation, and instead automatically move these differently-articulated stem-sharing notes to extra voices as necessary?

This could work even in the pathological case, where many notes all sharing a stem all have varying combinations of articulations — all the staccato notes on one stem, all the tenuto ones on another, all the accent-staccato notes on yet another, etc.

Is it possible that the articulations are an all-or-nothing proposition because the various unpitched instruments all respond to the same MIDI channel, just to different MIDI numbers within the channel, and the articulation needs to apply to the channel rather than the instruments?

I hope Dorico can provide a way to do what you need to do.

This would be quite difficult to achieve, but I’ll make a note of it as something for us to consider in future.