Automatically route new tracks to a certain group channel?

For instance, if I’m creating violin or cello tracks, say from Hollywood Strings samples, I would have to individually route each track to a corresponding violin and cello group bus for panning and reverb. To avoid all the clicking around, what is the easiest way to add tracks pre-set to a project’s routing? Is there a way to automatically route based on what folder the track is placed into?

I find the easiest way is to use templates and once they’re all set up they can be used over and over.

Are you suggesting having pre-made tracks already existing within the template? Sorry, I’m asking about automatic routing for spontaneous track-creation.

A number of options might help:

  1. Select tracks and Shift+click on one of the output routing fields to change the routing for all selected tracks
  2. Use the output routing option when you create the audio/instrument track
  3. Use ‘Add group channel to selected channels’

I see. Could you explain option 2 a bit more? I haven’t heard of it before, but it might be just what I need.

There’s an output routing field in the ‘Add audio track’ dialogue.