Automatically select all Audio Tracks in Project?

Hey, so as currently it is not possible to “lock” trak types so they are not affected when changing track height, I would like to manually be able to resize all my Audio Tracks while my Folder Tracks stay at a small track height.

I thought of just creating a Macro, for this though I would need to be able to create a Shortcut that only selects all Audio Tracks in a Project (no folder tracks) so I can resize them independently.

Does anybody have a solution on how to achieve this other than manually selecting the tracks first? (maybe with the Project Logical Editor)


Yes, Project Logical Editor works for this. Look at this:
( Container Type is | Unequal | Folder Track )

No Action

Down, in the Function, select “select”.

Click Apply.

Thanks that worked perfectly!

This ‘macro’ only seems selects midi and audio tracks and Stereo Out.

Would love to select ALL tracks including recording and other tracks (bounce track, while an audio track that I added, is not selected with this macro).

If I use the shift-select function, I can select all tracks but then the ‘File: Save Selected Channels’ menu function does not work. Possibly a bug in Nuendo 8.2.1?

Counsel is greatly appreciated from the knowledge experts in this forum.

Thank you,
Michael Peters


What do you mean by “recording and other tracks”, please? And what do you mean by “bounce track”?

Hello Martin,
I can only select certain audio tracks (usually recorded tracks) and save as a snap shot. The bounce track is a routed audio track that I defined as bounce. If I select the input tracks in addition to the play back tracks then I cannot save (the option is dimmed). The desired outcome is to capture all the fader settings, plugin settings et cetera as a snap shot in time so that I can get back to it. Thank you, MWP.


If I understand you right, you want to make something like a Mixer snapshot, right?

You can just save it as a project version (common CPR file). If you want to go back, you can either revert, or you can import from project, select this project, and choose, what track should be imported. If you import it to the currently existing tracks, the data of the track will remain, and the settings will be taken from the imported tracks.