I need to score for a film and I have set markers at the start and end point of a particular scene. Once cubase knows the start & end points of the scene, is there a way for it to automatically set a tempo which will accomodate a fixed number of bars. Let me elaborate :

  1. One scene is 6 seconds long. Once the start & end markers are set, i have an idea that 4/4 time signature will work for this scene. Can cubase take this info & give me the nearest tempo which will accommodate the fixed time signature ? can it also set the tempo in such a way that the duration can accommodate exactly 4 bars or 8 bars etc ?
  2. Another scene is 2.3 seconds long (say) . If it set my preferred time signature to 5/4, can cubase automatically set the tempo so that 1 perfect bar of 5/4 will fall between these 2 marker regions ?

Hi and welcome,

In the Tempo Track Editor, click to the Open Process Tempo Dialog. Here you can set up Start beat (or time) and End beat (time) of your source, and of the wanted new range. Cubase will count the tempo out of these values.