Automatically switch between bass & treble clefs while inputting notes in write mode

Hi All - super newbie here - I’d like be able to input notes from my midi keyboard and have the notes automatically appear on either staff depending on the pitch.

So, for example if I’m playing higher notes, I want them to appear in the treble clef, and then when descending, when I pass middle C, I would like Dorico to write the notes in the bass clef. (and then if I climb back up, jump back to the treble clef, etc).

Can this be done? The program is so vast, I don’t know where to start looking …

Thanks so much!

Welcome to the forum, David! This is done by extending the caret to both staves during note entry. Begin note entry on one staff and press Shift-down (or up) arrow to extend it. That’s it! (See the User Guide for more details.)

Thanks so much, Mark (sorry, email notification went to spam and I just saw your message now)

Forgot to mention: I’m on an iPad. I can’t figure out how to get the keyboard to appear while I’m in write mode (I see a little keyboard icon but nothing happens when I touch it) (or if I make it appear another way, I’m in a different mode and the caret doesn’t extend).

I do see arrow keys available at the top of the screen in write mode, but when I press them, it just moves the whole caret around but doesn’t extend it because I don’t see a shift key to hold down.


Ah, good question, unfortunately beyond my knowledge. Anyone?

Without a physical keyboard connected then you can’t extend the caret on the iPad version I think. If you connect a Bluetooth (computer) keyboard say then you can press shift-down arrow to extend the caret and take advantage of the midi split