Automatically switch plugins being displayed to that of selected channel


I think this would be a really sweet feature to have in Cubase. I used Studio One 5.5 for a bit and I noticed that when I have a plugin on a channel open, then switch to another channel, the plugin window starts showing the plugins on the channel I selected without me having to click on the plugin view for that channel.

For example, If i am looking at say Autotune, then click another channel with Autotune, it starts showing the Autotune for the new channel I just selected. Hopefully this makes sense.

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This is a very popular feature request, with good reason, as it would be very helpful.


Only if this is an option]. Personally I sometimes have plugins open for a reason even when working on another track (eg working with plugins on a group whilst manipulating an individual channel). I can see this being very annoying but I can see it would be useful depending on your workflow.


This is about the only thing that would get me to upgrade to 12. I spent all my money with OT and Spitfire already lol.