Automatically turn off speakers while recording


In the cases where the speakers are in the same room as the musicians to record, I look for a solution that would automatically turn off the sound of the speakers as soon as I start a recording or activate the Monitor button on a track.

I use Control Room with the Main channel for my speakers and Cue channels for the headphones.

As of now, I have to manually enable/disable Main each time I want to switch from recording to listening with speakers.
There must be a way for this to do this automatically? Because if it would save a little time, it would also limit the risk of accident and therefore focus on the most important!


Sorry I’m not sure I got your routing, setup and use case.

Enabling Monitor you send the input signal to the output. If you don’t want to do this, don’t enable Monitor, please.

Thanks for your answer.

You are absolutely right, I have to disable Monitor when I record.

The function I am looking for would:

I don’t believe there is any way to do this in cubase

you could set up a hot key or generic remote to mute the speakers before you press record - or set up some kind of macro to mute > then record

its not clear how you are getting your headphone feed - cue mix in control room ? - obviously this doesn’t want muting

Exactly, the headphone signal comes from Cue mix in Control Room.

Thank you for your suggestion, if there is no way to do this in Cubase, a macro may be the right answer!


I’m still thinking about it. But unfortunately I can’t come to any idea neither.

There is a free plugin called Muteomatic that will mute it’s signal based on the record/play/stop state of Cubase. Could work for your problem.


Have you tried a key command to enable/disable the main control room channel?
I do exactly that and assign the command to a button in my x-touch using the generic remote page.

Thanks to all of you for your suggestions!
I finally found a solution that answers my problem using Monitors in Control Room.

I link Monitor 1 to my speakers, Monitor 2 to nothing, then I use 2 macros:

  • a first one that select Monitor 2 then start recording
  • a second one that stop recording then select Monitor 1