Automatically ungrouping (or unlinking?) dynamics in a specific layout

I am creating a piano reduction of a large piece. When I copy materials from the score to the piano reduction, I want the dynamics to be unlinked or ungrouped so if I move or delete them they don’t affect the score or parts in any way (this is my understanding of grouped dynamics - hopefully, it’s correct).

Is there an easy way to achieve this? I can filter out just the notes and copy them - and that works fine, but I am wondering if there are simpler or more streamlined ways to do this.


Preferences–Note Input and Editing. At the bottom, you can uncheck the box to remove linking.

Linking “groups” dynamics that occur at the same rhythmic position in different staves. Grouping “groups” dynamics from left to right, like a hairpin and an immediate dynamic.

Thank you! Much appreciated!