Automating automations to Hundreds of regions/selections! [title updated]


I have a long audio track where I want to quickly pan to LEFT and bring the Volume down to say -5dB for a selected range on the track. Can I do this with Logical Editor or Macros? I should mention that the output of my Mono track is routed to a stereo output!

Any help would be appreciated.



Once the range is selected, move your mouse over the Automation track on the top. The “v” control appears to Scale Vertically. Use this to change the Volume or the pan.

Unfortunately you can’t use Logical Editor, because the Property > is Selected doesn’t return true for the Range Selection.

Another option would be to use the Direct Offline Process. This is how do Nuendo guys with the movie post-production work.


I have hundreds of those to be selected and I want to do exact same thing with each of them! I guess I need to change the Title!


Then Direct Offline Process is the right way to go for you.

Thank you Martin. I will give it a shot.