automating cc data not in sync with plugin (VEP)

I’m using a locally hosted VEP Pro 5 server that is connected to a plugin in nuendo.

NOTE: I have verified that this does not happen when running the same instrument as a plugin locally within Nuendo and therefore appears to be an incompatibility between Nuendo cc automation and VEP client plugins.

My problem is this:

  1. I am automating midi modulation data via nuendo’s automation and not the midi part data. In fact, there is no modulation data in the midi part.
  2. If the state (value) of my instrument in VEP becomes out of sync with the automation data in Nuendo and the data is not “changing” in Nuendo, the data is not transmitted by nuendo to the plugin and thus my instrument stays out of sync with the automation data until either it changes or I touch/change it by hand.
  3. This happens the most when I jump to different location in the session.


  1. modulation data is automated to a value of 5 by automation playback.
  2. I “jump” to a location in the session where the automation data is at a constant 127.
  3. The automation is not played back as it appears that Nuendo doesn’t “know” that the plugin data is at 5.

I say that Nuendo doesn’t “know” that the plugin data is at 5 because it immediately updates the same instrument when loaded as a plugin within Nuendo.

Any suggestions, fixes or workarounds would be greatly appreciated.