Automating effects and reverb etc

This is probably quite simple but I’m new at this stuff. If I have a channel and I wanted to have one sort of reverb for the first section, a different sort of reverb for the next section, no reverb to the next section and a different sort of reverb for the next section how do I do it ? How do I make effects such as EQ or reverb or chorus or compression or anything occur at one point and then change or stop at another?

My answer assumes you are somewhat familiar with how automation lanes work. If not, feel free to ask for some more detail. :wink:

You would do this with automation. Basically most/all insert parameters are adjustable on their own automation lane.

Open a track automation lane.
On each lane you open there is a button that says what parameter it automates. Some of these are the most common ones like volume, mute, pan, etc. But if you click on that button you will see a drop down menu that lists all of the automation parameters that can be controlled. Some listed might be the ones you mentioned in the OP. But if they are not listed, you would choose the “more” option. From there you would choose the “Ins” (Insert) option. From there you should see a list of all of the inserts associated with the track. You click down thru them folder style and find the parameter you want to control by that lane. Each parameter needs to be controlled in it’s own lane so you will need more than one automation lane to control the parameters you mentioned in the OP.

Then it is just a matter of recording the automation of that parameter to get the results you want. Easy, once you get the hang of it. Have fun.

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Thanks so much !!!