Automating Halion Sonic SE

Other than the quick controls, is it possible?

I’ve tried to automate the cutoff and resonance on the edit page, but nothing.

Cubase Elements 7 32, Win7 Pro 64

Thanks :slight_smile:


You can automate Cutoff. Open Automation track, click to the name of the parameter. From the menu select More…. In the Add Parameter window open HALion Sonic SE folder, Slot 1 and select S1 QC1 Cutoff.

Btw here you can see the whole list of parameters, you can automate.

Hi Martin, and thanks for replying.

Yes, I had already looked there with the view to find cutoff and resonance of the Macro Page (not the Edit Page as I originally said), without any joy.

Also, until I filled a few slots with various progams, I wasn’t aware that different parameters were assigned to the quick controls for different programs.

The manual seems to infer that - along with the orange sphere - the QCs are assignable to any parameter you like, but doesn’t say how. Is this right?