Automating Omnisphere

Ok, im using cubase 5 64 bit with the latest verson of the Omnisphere. Can someone let me know how you automate the filter cut off in the midi part I cant seem to find the right control setting?

Many thanks

Have a look at the automation on the VST audio channel?

Thanks, where will I find that? Do you mean the drop down under the midi channel?

No, nothing to do with midi. The channel the vsti is on.

do you mean the drop down under the instrument channel, when you select you get ‘Add Parameters’?

Show/Hide Automation, little up arrow when mouse hovers over lower left of the channel in the track list.

Yeah i think thats where ive been looking. im cliking the drop down, then selecting ‘more’ which takes me to ‘add parameter’. then ‘ALL CC’, all of the control settings are in there for the automation, howver I dont know which setting is for the filter cut off? Do you use Omnisphere?

You seem to be using a Instrument Track?

Have you tried it in the Instrument panel?

Instrument Tracks are very limited.

Put the vsti in the Instrument Panel (rack) and make a proper midi Chanel linked to it. Then you can access the full range of automation from the associated vsti audio channel.

(apologies if I am already “preaching to the choir” :wink:
You are aware that, because there are so many parameters in Omnisphere, Spectrasonics have taken the option that, for host automation, you have to specifically activate automation for the desired parameter (right-click on the knob/fader, and choose “Enable Host Automation”, before it will become available in Cubase? (the parameter will then be visible in the Cubase automation lane’s “more” sub-menu).
Alternatively, via a similar method, you can control parameters via MIDI Learn.