Automating parameters from "group" channels?

I was wondering how to automate for example the cutoff of 3 synths together using ONLY 1 automation (from the group which I routed these 3 synths to).

Is that possible within Cubase? That would be a huge deal for me. Been thinking about that for quite some time now.


No one?

I guess this isnt possible then? or?

since the group track does not have anything to do with the single synths parameters - no, it isn’ t possible. Unless you put a filter plugin into the group channel.

Hi, I did not try, but maybe there is a Kind of work around for what you want to do:

If the Plugins/Synths to be controlled react to midi you could set up a midi channel and use a Controller and the midi sends of the midi track to let the same Controller follow multiple instruments.

Cheers, Ernst

PS.: My post Counter does not reflect the truth… I am in the Forum since Ages and I used to post a lot. One of my ideas was to make Automation tracks INDEPENDENT from other tracks, i.e. allow to route them to various other tracks/Instruments. A Signal is just a Signal and it should be possible to route it to wherever we want to.