Automating Preset EQs

This is probably pretty simple but for whatever reason I can’t seem to figure it out.
I’m working on a series where we go back to the same office location every episode for a single character sit down “talking head”.
I’ve stored the EQ that I like for his voice, now I want to recall/load the preset at these scenes in other episodes and commit the EQ to automation.
Normally I’m used to recalling the EQ as a snapshot and loading it from the start to end of scene. Please let me know how this is accomplished in N7.

Many Cheers!

Have you tried taking the track you have in the project you are happy with and File>Save as Archive (or similar) and then importing that track from the Archive?


Andrew K

Hey Andrew.

Not sure I follow. I’m only trying to copy the EQ parameters from one epsidode and apply this EQ to the other episodes with the same character and scene… once that’s done, commit these EQ parameters to automation.

Ideas ?

Hey Andrew.

Not sure I follow. I’m only trying to copy the EQ parameters from one epsidode and apply this EQ to the other episodes with the same character and scene… once that’s done, commit these EQ parameters to automation.

Ideas ?

Oh. Well, you could simply load the Track from the Track Archive, and simply move dialog parts to the new track (that has the EQ on it) using the Command-drag to keep the timing locked.

Not sure if this helps you.


Andrew K

I’m sure once I explain what I’m trying to do, there’s an easy way to accomplish this.
I’m EQing dialogue in a scene, I have the EQ as a preset, I load the EQ onto the track for the dialogue in the scene…how do I write this EQ to automation without having to touch every parameter or affecting the EQ before or after the scene…
I know it’s pretty basic, but for whatever reason I can’t seem to figure it out.


Preview -> load EQ preset -> punch automation in. Check out touch assist too.

I’ve been working with Preview / Punch… I’m I right in assuming that I have to hit preview on every parameter that I want to automate, EQ, freq, Q, gain, etc or is there a more 'EQ Ready All" mode? It seems a bit cumbersome to have to hit all parameters everytime I want to punch in a new EQ.


With the automation panel you don’t hit preview on individual parameters.

Again, preview -> load EQ preset -> punch automation in.

From the manual re: Touch Assist:

When you use Preview mode, you may get into a situation where you change some parameters, but not others, although they belong to the same group of parameters (for example EQ settings). Touch Assist allows you to prevent you from forgetting some parameters while touch-collecting parameters for Preview. When Touch Assist is enabled, the parameters of the following features are treated as groups:

• Channel EQ module (21 parameters)
• Aux send on/off and send level
• Stereo panner
• Surround panner (Left-Right, Front-Rear, LFE)
• Insert plug-ins (only available for plug-ins with 32 or less parameters)

Touch Assist ensures that touching one parameter in a group will touch all other parameters in that group as well. However, if you want to automate only one particular parameter, disable Touch Assist to prevent yourself from inadvertently overwriting any previously created automation data.

Are you using the Nuendo channel EQ or some third party vst plug?
Likelystory mentioned touch assist because that’s what it does with the Nuendo channel EQ. It “touches” the first 32 EQ parameters when you change 1 parameter. (that’s all of the internal Nuendo Eq’s parameters)

Have you tried right clicking the top of the plugin window and using “copy plugin setting” / “paste plugin setting”?

Be aware that Nuendo will not write all parameters, but only the differential ones!

You can still use automation as scene automation with fill loop and preview without any problems, as long as you NEVER EVER touch a control while automation is not enabled or in stop, otherwise you can get into deep trouble. It’s a pain, but if you stick to this rule, you can work around the flaw.

All I can say is: Steinberg hear our prayers.

Thanks so much folks…
Nicely explained. After 20 years of being on a different DAW it’s a matter of “learning a new dance”.

Much appreciated

I’m using 3rd party VST Plug-ins. example RX Final Mix.
I’m hoping to use the EQ presets that I’ve made, and change EQ from one scene to the next. In the past I would, recall an EQ snapshot for the scene and write the snapshot to automation, then the next time that track is used for a different scene, I’d call up another snapshot and have the automation jump to that new EQ setting… pretty basic stuff, so I thought.


You know, I’ve been thinking about this since you brought it up. Since I tend not to change EQs on the same track much, I was at a loss. But I just poked around a bit and here are some options that may be of value:

  1. Assign your alternate EQ setting to a separate insert on the track and simply toggle their bypass state with automation when needed.

  2. If the EQ settings are in the same mode (ie. you are not using a Hi Shelf on one setting and a Hi Bell on another), then simply move a portion of the part to the new location in the time line and the EQ settings should follow if you have Automation Follow Events on.

  3. Create an alternate track for the special EQ (this would be my choice… easy to see from a birds-eye view of the project and less destructive if you mess up).

  4. Set up different EQ groups and use Sends to alternate between EQs (might be a smooth way of transitioning).

I can see how it would be very difficult for SB to support 3rd party plugin Snapshot automation support. I guess they could “force” a “write all current values of plugin to automation”, but then if you would use (say) only 1 EQ freq gain knob, your entire “used automation” would include all the settings of all the features you didn’t use and that would be a LOT of automation info.

I hope this helps.


Andrew K

Hey Andrew,

your workarounds will certainly work, but they are a pain to operate in large sessions. Something as basic as EQ automation just needs to work reliably without workarounds, that’s just ridiculous for an audio post program. The Steinberg EQ works well this way if you enable touch assist.

I would also like to add to the discussion that you can use Pro Q 2 the way I described above and it’s a real joy to work that way. Even the match EQ automation works on a scene (loop) basis that way. Absolutely amazing. Still Steinberg should start collecting/chasing touched parameters in Nuendo.


I’m not sure I understand you. I just did the following:

  1. select range on timeline and set preview and fill to loop (range).
  2. touched EQ band 2 and 3 cut/boost respectively
  3. pressed punch

The result now is that as I roll into that range bands 2 and 3 activate and go to respective settings that I punched. When leaving that area they revert to zero and bypass (default state)

  1. select different range on timeline, set preview / fill to loop AND “touch assist”
  2. changed band 3’s value
  3. pressed punch

The result now is that as I roll into the first range it acts exactly the same as before, and when I roll into the second range the values are as they were when I punched into that range - AND - if I now try to touch for example band 1 it will automatically snap back to zero when I release regardless of where I am on the timeline - i.e. it’s value appears to have been written (copy/paste as an insert makes no difference on my end - still the same behavior).

So, I’m not sure I follow what the problem is above. I guess you’re saying that without “touch assist” it’s a problem, right? But that’s how any DAW works for any non-automation-write-enabled parameter. So it appears the basic issue is that Nuendo deals with the need for write-enabling individual parameters differently than other DAWs. Did I get that right?

Ok, so how about this alternative workflow then:

  1. You have finished writing automation for a specific location, and you suspect you may need to recall it later. You write a location marker to the marker track and name it appropriately.

  2. You reach another section later in the program and decide you want the same EQ settings as before. Do the following:

a) Select the range during which you want to write this automation.
b) Go to that earlier marker. With your track in “read” this should load your EQ settings.
c) In automation panel: Preview, Fill to Loop, Touch Assist
d) Press “punch”

It would seem to me that that would work.

Alternatively, it would seem to me that you could instead save EQ as preset in step 1, and in step 2 instead of locating backwards simply performs steps “b” and “c” then just load the preset and press “punch”…

We need snapshot automation like PT, its so quick and easy hopefully in version 8