Automating Quick Controls

How do you write ONLY the quick controls without writing other parameters?

If I understand your question correctly, you can’t.
Quick Controls serve as an abstraction layer between a MIDI CC input, typically a hardware controller, and a VST Parameter. It is always the VST Parameter you write automation data for.

I simply want to write the state of the bank
If I change the bank, it writes every (lots of ) related parameters

Hmm…thats makes it hard and unable to implement my (fairly simple) workflow

I can of course do it with mouse but a bit counterpoint really…a filter to what gets written would be very helpful

It sounds like I did not understand what you were asking and frankly, I still don’t.

There are 8 VST Quick Control and 8 Track Quick Controls in Cubase. Neither has “banks”.

Perhaps if you explain in more detail what your workflow is and what exactly you’re trying to achieve.

Sure; hope this makes sense

I want the track quick control to automate the bank parameter of a vst; you can see here that the bank of an insert fx is a valid target for track QC

However when I write the automation, every parameter that the bank changed, gets written to track automation. Not just the bank change…which is all I want
I simply want to record ONLY the bank changed parameter on the track QC

If I understand correctly, upon changing a bank, there are parameters that are changed too exactly because you changed bank. Say for example that the new bank has a different band 1 frequency. This should get written in the automation, since this is exactly what we want by changing bank. Again, if I understood correctly the situation.

Correct…thats how it currently works but is ignorant of state mixing…well actually it just makes it very difficult

Ie State switching is where you create state snapshots of states

Eg very basic
Using kore as an example which has a matrix of snapshots that you can morph between (Live has similar)

Snapshot 1 = verse guitar
Eq a bit higher lf
Compression is less
Filter is 6k

Snapshot 2 = prechorus rise
Filter sweeps open to 10k

Snapshot 3 = chorus guitar
Eq less lf, midrange boost
Compression more but with slower attack time etc
Filter 20k

You focus in on each section of song eg tweaking parameters until each section till its right

Now, you simply switch or morph all those parameters as a whole by automating just the 2 parameters controlling the xy of the morphing

The way cubase works atm is that it is impossible to simply do that as not only does it record xy but every single changed parameter

So instead of being able to just modify just the snapshot when needed, you have to wrestle with every lane of automation

You should be able to switch on and off what a user requires

It is the basis of foreground, mid and background movement focus for musical elements. It is very labourious to do it in cubase compared to this workflow

It is the analogy of playing the mix like an instrument like the above; moving elements front to back Using snapshots where a single knob inside the host eg kore can have multiple, fractional or inverted assignments to parameters