Automating tempo changes timecode position. What to do?

Hello all,

I work on Cubase Elements 7 and have been composing music for a short film. So after the basics I was introduced to a music producer who has all sorts of amazing sampled instruments libraries of Kontakt sampler and has Cubase Artist 8 or 9. Although he is a good music producer, he doesn’t have much experience in syncing for films and timecode knowledge and neither do I.

So I took my midi parts to try out his instrument library on them and more importantly to play around with tempo automation for the music with the video imported in Cubase. Now we noticed that if at say at 120 BPM the timecode position of a particular frame (where the cursor is) is x, it changes if I automate the tempo there. In other words lets say at 120BPM, the exact place where a shot changes is 00:13:16:03:00. Now at 110 BPM the exact place where that shot changes is 00:17:24:40.

Now the video editor said to let her know the timecode positions to lay the music there. How should I tell the timecode if it keeps changing here because of me automating the tempo?
Will re-importing and arranging the audio bounces in a new session with default tempo of Cubase (120 BPM) give me the default timecode positions that video editors work on? Am I missing something?

Any advice will be great help.
Thank you very much!