Automating the creation of a MIDI track and a dedicated Rack Instrument (like an Instrument Track)

I find the existence of MIDI tracks and Instrument tracks confusing, counter intuitive and unnecessarily technical (unfortunately that’s not unusual in Steinberg products…).

It would be more consistent that Cubase created Instrument Tracks like a MIDI track + Rack Instrument, and allowed us to simplify their configuration just like in the creation dialog of the Instrument tracks and then “fold”/“unfold” the two tracks in the User Interface.

Most of the time I’m OK with instrument tracks but I’m missing MIDI sends in them and this is forcing me to create every time a MIDI track and a Rack Instrument, which takes much longer (moreover the audio track of the rack instrument is placed inside of a folder at the end of the tracks and I have to move it every time next to the MIDI track so I can work with them as if it was an Instrument Track).